Social Workers Speak Out

During 1980 and 1981 the late Alan Cohen interviewed a substantial number of early entrants into the social work profession. They included very well known members of the profession, such as Clare Britton (later Winnicott), Eileen Younghusband, Rose Mary Braithwaite and Margaret Simey and many others who also made substantial contributions to the development of the profession (for example, Kay McDougall, Edgar Myers, Jean Snelling and Enid Warren).

These interviews were recorded on tape and Alan Cohen’s intention was to use selected extracts as illustrative material for a book. However, this project was not realised and the tapes remained in storage for almost 30 years at which point Pauline Weinstein and WISEArchive volunteers transcribed all 26 interviews onto electronic disks.

Harry Marsh and Tim Cook were asked to co-edit the transcribed material and to provide an introduction, annotation and a bibliography. The whole edition was received in 2014 by the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick for online publication together with the original tapes.

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